Job Description: The air traffic control equipment repairer performs or supervises field and sustainment level maintenance and installation of air traffic control communications, navigation aids and landing systems. Job duties include testing instruments, navigational controls and simulators using electronic and electrical test equipment; replacing equipment parts such as resistors, switches and circuit boards, performing quality control measures; installing and adjust air traffic control communications and navigation aids systems; maintaining air traffic control systems.

  • Branch Branch: Army
  • Ratings Average Rating:
  • Desinnation Designation: 94D
  • Average Required Test Average Salary: $37,863
  • Entry Type Entry Type: Enlisted
  • Required Test ASVAB: EL: 102
  • Degree Degree: High School or GED
  • Age Age: 17-34
  • Citizen Citizen: U.S. or Permanent Resident
  • Category Category: Transportation & Aviation
Average Age
29 Average Age
Average Age
156 Number Employed
Average Age
7.0 YearsAverage Employment