Job Description: Petroleum laboratory specialists are primarily responsible for supervising or conducting laboratory tests on petroleum, oil and lubricant products. Job duties include: evaluate test results with specification requirements and makes recommendations regarding product disposition; receive samples and conduct tests on petroleum products; report findings in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials testing methods; apply fire prevention and safety control procedures in handling volatile products.

  • Branch Branch: Army
  • Ratings Average Rating:
  • Desinnation Designation: 92L
  • Average Required Test Average Salary: $36,126
  • Entry Type Entry Type: Enlisted
  • Required Test ASVAB: ST: 91
  • Degree Degree: High School or GED
  • Age Age: 17-34
  • Citizen Citizen: U.S. or Permanent Resident
  • Category Category: Construction & Engineering
Average Age
27 Average Age
Average Age
231 Number Employed
Average Age
4.0 YearsAverage Employment