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15June, 2016


My name is Brian and I established RateTheArmy to help the tens of thousands of aspiring Army recruits make smarter career decisions. Having gone through the military recruitment process nearly twelve years ago, I still cringe when I think back to the experience, and that poor experience is what inspired me to launch RateTheArmy.

So what is it?

RateTheArmy is the first online military community to connect the current generation of service members with the next generation of service members. We believe that America’s Army Members have a wealth of knowledge and experience that should be harnessed and shared with our future Army leaders. The centralized platform that you’ll find here enables just that.

Active military can post reviews of their career across 100+ Army professions. Civilians can then access these unique testimonies to find honest and impartial information on any given military profession. By arming aspiring recruits with the necessary tools and information to identify compatible careers, they can make more informed career decisions before they meet with a recruiter.

Isn’t that what Army recruiters are for?

Military recruiters are extremely hard working and do their best with the limited amount of resources at their disposal. Still, their ability to provide detailed information on a given career is limited. What’s it like to be a Ammunition Specialist? What are my chances of being deployed? Does this position offer opportunities for advancement? More often than not, these types of questions are left unanswered, leaving potential recruits (like myself) frustrated and apprehensive.

FREE $5 Starbucks for Active Military

We’re excited to serve as the first online military community, but cannot do it without the support of service men and women. So the first 100 active military members to post reviews of their profession will earn a $5 Starbucks Gift Card.


$1 to Wounded Warriors ProjectWounded Warriors Project

We’ve also teamed up with the Wounded Warriors Project to donate $1 every time RateTheArmy is shared online. So help support our wounded warriors by sharing RateTheArmy with friends and family using the link below.

America’s Best Recruiters

Lastly, we work with the country’s top military and veterans’ recruiters to help individuals who are interested in transiting into or out of the military. Our network of recruiters spans the country and covers all sectors. So whether you’re interested in a career inside or out of the military, we can connect you with the right people to achieve your goals.

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