Image for Army-Multiple Launch Rocket System Operational Fire Direction Specialist
13December, 2020

This MOS is very rarely seen. It’s currently only in 5 or 6 locations. Only 3 of which are overseas. Day-to-day operations normally consist of maintenance and simulated training. Depending on you station you could be assigned to a tracked vehicle or a HMMWV. The actual job of processing fire missions is fairly simple and is taught in about 6 weeks in AIT. Other duties may involve monitoring radios, setting up camo nets and antennas, as well as troubleshooting electronic equipment. It is almost guaranteed that you will be stationed in Korea at some point with this MOS, most consider this to be a terrible station as there are many restrictions placed on you while in country and it is some of the hardest training you will ever receive in this MOS. I would not recommend this MOS unless you have really done your research and know this is what you would like to do for sure. Almost everyone I know in this MOS wishes they ad chosen something else. However some people do enjoy very much.